Our primary mission is to offer life-affirming choices, education and compassionate counsel to those facing pregnancy-related decisions. Services include pregnancy testing, mentoring, adoption advocacy, post-abortion healing counseling, and other classes.

Hope Restored for Life is a life affirming 501(c)3 non-profit Christian organization established to bring a message of truth, hope and restoration to women, men and families in our community facing life’s challenges in the areas of unplanned pregnancies, relationships, marriage, fertility and sexual wholeness . We offer each client an opportunity to become healthy and whole physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually in a safe non-judgmental confidential environment using effective, educational and practical tools.

We are managed by a diversified Christian board of directors collectively made up of individuals who seek to enhance the quality of life in people and our community. We are affiliates of Heartbeat International, a well renowned organization that has 40 years of experience in pregnancy help centers worldwide that provides us with ongoing continuing education and workshops on the latest issues facing our generation and threatening our families’ futures.

Hope Restored’s mission is to build a relationship of trust with our clients that will help them understand the value of who they are and celebrate who they were created to be. We believe as people value who they are, they make healthier choices in all areas of their life. We do this by casting a vision of hope. Hope changes how we see ourselves; hope changes what we value and hope affects what we do with our lives. It gives us joy and peace; it gives us protection; it gives us strength, courage and boldness; it gives us endurance, perseverance, comfort and confidence even in the seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Hope Restored’s vision is not to just take care of an immediate need but to affect a life of change; to revive what circumstances have destroyed; to preserve value for life itself; to repair what has been damaged; to heal wounds that affect hearts and souls. As we do this, we can see hearts repaired, relationships improve, marriage and family honored and respected once again and life cherished and protected at all stages of development.

The past does not dictate our future; where our hope lies dictates our future.

NOTE: Hope Restored is a life affirming abortion alternative organization.